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About Us

NIHR CRN Generic Research - Scarborough

We are a multi-skilled research team supporting the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network's (CRN) portfolio of research studies.  The team is focused on the facilitation of research trials within Scarborough, Bridlington and Malton Hospitals, and encouraging  the local primary care service to be research active.

We offer a wide variety of studies to our patient populations in secondary care and have strong relationships with our on-site clinical staff at our local hospitals.  Over the years we have strengthened our research in a number of key areas including Dermatology, Rheumatology. Orthopaedics, Stroke, Surgery, Palliative Care, Maternity, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Anaesthetics and Paediatric services.

Our focus in these areas has led to us generating excellent links with some of the country's biggest national Universities and Research Organisations to deliver both Observational studies and more complex Drug studies (Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product, CTIMP).

Please click here to be taken to the NIHR Be Part of Research website where you can search for research studies that are currently being undertaken by our team.

Our Research Team

Our Team is based at our Scarborough General Hospital and is made up of two multi-skilled NIHR CRN Research Nurses and a Clinical Trials Assistant. We are supported by a NIHR CRN Senior Research Nurse and our research studies are set up with the assistance of a Research Delivery Facilitator from the Research and Development team.

Each member of the team has research expertise in different disease areas.  This enables the team to offer a wide portfolio of research opportunities to patients.  All members of our team are trained to national standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and do undertake further study specific training when required.

Meet Our Team

Name, Job Title Email Telephone Number
Lisa Carr-Knott, Research Delivery Facilitator 01904 72 5122

Some of our Researchers

Name, Job Title
Dr Ben Chandler, Consultant Anaesthetist and Lead - Anaesthetics and Critical Care
Dr Edward Jones, Consultant in Geriatric Medicine - Parkinsonism
Dr Sara Othman, Consultant Gastroenterologist - Gastroenterology
Dr Julia Stainforth, Consultant Dermatologist, Clinical Lead - Dermatology
Dr Calum Lyon, Consultant Dermatologist and Honorary Consultant & Lecturer at the University of Manchester
Dr Al-Saffar, Consultant Rheumatologist - Rheumatology
Dr Anna Moverly, Consultant Rheumatologist - Rheumatology
Dr Miriam Johnson, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Co Speciality Palliative Care Group Lead, CRN - Palliative Medicine
Dr Mark Andrews, Orthopaedic Surgeon - Orthopaedics
Dr Victoria Hemming, Consultant - Paediatrics
Dr Udupa Venkatesh, Consultant - Paediatrics

Useful Websites

St Catherine's Hospice, collaborator

Arthritis Research UK, Information on symptoms, treatments and research relating to arthritis conditions

British Society of Rheumatology Biologics Register - Rheumatoid Arthritis; Information about the register that seeks to assess the long-term safety of biologic treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis

British Society of Rheumatology Biologics Register - Ankylosing Spondylitis; Information about the register that seeks to assess the long-term safety of biologic treatments for Ankylosing Spondylitis

British Society of Dermatologists Biologic Intervention Register; Information about the register that seeks to assess the long-term safety of biologic treatments for psoriasis

National Institute of Health Research; Information about Research, the Clinical Research Networks, Funding and Support and much more

1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

York and Scarborough

100 research studies open to recruitment


4760 patients recruited into clinical trials