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The R&D Unit, headed up by Lydia Harris (Head of R&D), supports a wide range of research functions. We have a large clinical delivery workforce made up of Research Nurses (RNs), Research Practitioners (RPs) and Clinical Trials Assistants (CTAs). In addition we have a Research Management and Support Team overseeing the governance, contractual and financial arrangements for research, the management of studies, and quality assurance and oversight function. A dedicated Commercial Manager oversees all aspects of commercial research and a Research Grant Development Officer is able to support funding applications. Our experienced Trial Management team are available to manage all aspects of study approval and delivery. All are supported by an Administrative team alongside dedicated Laboratory and Pharmacy research teams. Each of our Hospital's Care Groups has a Clinical Research Lead and our Clinical Director for Research and Innovation is Professor James Turvill.

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Organorgram - Aug 23

Management Team

Research Management and Support Team

Research Delivery Teams

Research Support Services

Strategic and Central Team

1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024

York & Scarborough

50 research studies open to recruitment


3246 patients recruited into clinical trials