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Audits and QI Projects

Research/Audit/Quality Improvement/Service Development

What sort of project am I doing?

It is important to be clear about the distinction between research and other types of investigative projects such as audit or service evaluation project.

The R&D Unit has a guidance document to help investigators determine what sort of investigative project they are planning. Refer to R&D/G04

Guidance on data analysis and drawing conclusions is also available. Refer to R&D/G08  This may help investigators to determine what sort of project they are undertaking.

The R&D Unit can only advise on studies classified as research studies.

For audit and service evaluation studies please contact the Clinical Effectiveness Team,

NOTE: ALL investigative projects must be registered in the Trust through the R&D Unit and ALL Clinical Audits & Local Service Evaluations must be registered with the Clinical Effectiveness Team.

1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

York and Scarborough

100 research studies open to recruitment


4760 patients recruited into clinical trials