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About Us

Research Management and Support (RM&S) Team

Research Quality Assurance Manager

Mags Szewczyk


  • Quality Management Systems: Protocol/GCP breaches, DATIX, Corrective & Preventative Action (CAPA), Safety reporting, Regulatory Inspections

  • Quality Assurance & Annual schedule

  • Quality Control / Risk Assessment & Monitoring Plans

  • Research QA training/guidance/SOP training records (Q-Pulse)

  • External vendors for research

R&D Administrator - Quality Assurance

Jonathan Hawker

07890 967562

  • Named Archivist

  • Supports the QA Manager functions

  • Monitoring and auditing

Trial Managers

Tom Szczerbicki

Greg Forshaw

Monica Haritakis

07510 912901

01904 726954


  • Management of all aspects of Trust Sponsored single and multi-site studies 

  • Governance applications and amendments 

  • Financial Management

  • Contract preparation and review

  • Data Management, Analysis, Report writing and publications

Research Data Manager

Liz Johnson
  • Database Management

  • Data collection and processing

  • Data validation and quality control

  • Research reporting

Research Delivery Facilitators (RDF)

Lisa Carr-Knott leads on Medicine Care Group - York & Scarborough and Surgery & Family Health Care Group

Richard Furnival leads on Surgery & Family Health Care Group and Cancer, Specialist & Clinical Support Services Care Group

For information on our different Care Groups see here

Richard Furnival

Lisa Carr-Knott

01904 725121

07985 315502

  • Completion of feasibility and expressions of interest for potential studies 

  • Costings and Contracting reviews

  • Capacity & Capability Assessment and/or R&D review and approval

  • Oversight of the Trust's research portfolio  for the designated Specialities

  • Study set up and close down activities

R&D Administrator: Project Support (hosted studies)

Jordan Toohie
  • Project support for Research Delivery Facilitators

1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023

York and Scarborough

125 research studies open to recruitment


3882 patients recruited into clinical trials