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For Researchers

Feedback for the Trial Management Team

"I cannot praise enough the efficiency, quality of support and timeliness of the work done by the management service provided by the York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation This goes from the process of preparing the study protocol and IRAs application, to the coordination of the practical aspects of the trials (patients recruitment, samples collection, storage and transfer to the UoY lab team), and the collation of the anonymised relevant clinical information for our analysis,  without forgetting the invaluable help and advices regarding general and administrative queries we faced throughout these studies. The management service from the Trust was essential for a successful delivery of our translational biomedical studies, supporting both the York clinicians and academics involved."

(Academic Collaborators)

"I have been in the incredibly fortunate position of working with the trial managers over the last few years. They were an incredible support at all stages of our RCT including protocol submission and approval, study recruitment and write up. As a clinician their knowledge and ability to navigate the regulatory requirements of a trial was invaluable."

(NHS Consultant and Chief Investigator)

"In my experience, the trial management services at Y&S represent the spine upon which all research development, initiation and delivery hangs. The support, experience, work ethic and attention to detail that the team brings to research studies has been integral to my own personal development as a researcher. I could not have done anything without them. I have always been extremely grateful to them for their enthusiasm and problem solving; whilst maintaining necessary rigor and discipline in research delivery they have at all times been facilitators for research. I could not commend the team enough."

(Professor and Chief Investigator)

"As an early career researcher embarking on my first project, I found the help, guidance, and expertise of the Trust’s trial management service invaluable in navigating the research process. The team were there to help me through the whole process including obtaining trust sponsorship, the ethics and HRA application process, study set up and monitoring. They are an essential resource for anyone thinking of undertaking research within the organisation."

(Early Career Researcher)

"The Trial Management team in York has been a pleasure to work with over the years. Their knowledge, responsiveness and efficiency have meant that, despite getting busier and busier as a clinician, I've been able to carry on being involved in clinical research. The team has basically removed the burden of running a clinical trial away meaning that I can concentrate on the actual delivery of trial interventions and my clinical work. In fact, I am probably involved in more research now than I ever was as the TM team allows me to concentrate on actually delivering the clinical aspects of the trial. More research equals better outcomes for my patients. The quality of the research delivered has risen dramatically as well- our dedicated TM team means that trails are set-up quickly and efficiently and follow-up visits, source data verification, adverse event reporting, etc is never missed. Gone are the days of spending hours in the evening trying to navigate the murky waters of ethics committees and other regulatory bodies. From a clinician's perspective, the Trial Management team has dramatically improved the delivery of clinical research."

(NHS Consultant and Chief Investigator)

"Running trials is an exciting venture! Our Research Unit has been helped immensely by the R&D department. They have made research possible and taken us through the many governance processes which are all important and help keep the patients and researchers safe. That itself has encouraged us enormously and made the actual part of research trial so much fun.

Our research programme that started with small bits of research has grown and I can’t thank the team enough for steering us and helping us along the way. It has led to high quality publications that have helped establish our unit’s reputation.  Thank you so much…."

(NHS Consultant and Chief Investigator)

For all enquiries regarding Trust trial management involvement in your study or general advice please contact or alternatively,

1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024

York & Scarborough

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