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About Us


The Research & Development Department are proud to support important clinical research throughout the majority of the Trust's clinical directorates and at our hospital and community sites throughout the North Yorkshire region.

We are currently research active in the following clinical areas, though we welcome and support approaches from any research discipline.  Please follow the contacts below for further information on research in each area.

If you are interested in conducting research in an area not listed below please contact


York Hospital

Anaesthetics & ICU - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 1828

Cancer - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 6488

Cardiology - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 5878

Dermatology - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 5125

Diabetes - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 5121

Gastroenterology & Hepatology - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 1828

Generic Research Team - support various areas - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 1957

Haematology - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 6488

Neurology - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 6294

Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Email: or    Tel:

01904 72 1982

Ophthalmology - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 5206

Orthopaedics - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 5121

Paediatrics - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 6488

Renal - Email: or    Tel: 01904 72 5917

Rheumatology - Email:   Tel: 01904 72 6295

Stroke - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 5487


Scarborough Hospital

Cancer - Email:    Tel: 01723 23 6197

Generic Research Team - support various areas - Email:    Tel: 01723 34 2384

Haematology - Email:    Tel: 01723 23 6197

Paediatrics - Email:    Tel: 01723 23 2384

Stroke - Email:    Tel: 01723 23 6199


Bridlington Hospital

Orthopaedics - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 6168


YorSexualHealth Clinics (Malton, Scarborough, Selby & York)

Sexual Health & Communicable Diseases - Email:    Tel: 01904 72 5121


Generic Research Team

Andy Gibson     Senior Research Nurse            

Carla Bratten    Senior Community Research Nurse

Rebecca Tait     Research Nurse                      

Sally Gordon     Research Nurse                      

Laura Howe       Clinical Trials Assistant           

John Whitwell    Clinical Trials Assistant           

The Generic Research Team facilitates studies and support clinical staff within many speciality areas both within the hospital and out in the community.

Hospital based studies

Within the hospital, our portfolio is extremely diverse and we work closely with a number of speciality departments. Some of our studies involve us working with teams well established in research.  However we are also passionate about getting other departments and allied health professionals not usually involved in research to take part.

Recent studies conducted with the Trust have included; using non-invasive cardiac output monitoring in an attempt to reduce post-operative complications in hip fracture patients; evaluating the efficacy of a combined drug programme in men with overactive bladder symptoms as well as evaluating the effectiveness of a biological mesh in reducing hernia incidence in patients undergoing stoma closure.  We have a very varied portfolio across a very wide range of specialities.

Community based studies

Our research nurses also run trials out in the community.  They are responsible for engaging and training both GP's and research nurses at site so that studies can be run on a large scale in primary care.  One example, the HEAT study involved recruiting 6,600 patients nationally.  This study aimed to test whether a one week course of antibiotics used to eradicate Helicobacter pylori in patients using aspirin would reduce the incidence of peptic ulcer bleeding.

As well as studies run in GP surgeries we engage with many different organisations.  ENRICH, a large national project coordinated in Yorkshire and Humber by our research nurse Sally Gordon, is dedicated to breaking down barriers to carrying out research in care homes - a very important demographic which is often missed by researchers.

1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017

York and Scarborough

147 research studies open to recruitment


4588 patients recruited into clinical trials