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Paediatrics Research

Paediatrics Research covers a wide array of conditions and treatments within the environment of child health.  The Trust are very proud to be able to offer children and their parents the opportunity to help shape and improve the care for the future.

Paediatrics is the most diverse area of research within the Trust with research covering a large number of different conditions, with recent studies as varied as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, eczema and neonatal care.

Research at York is supported by our specialist Paediatrics Research Nurse whilst at Scarborough it is supported by our Generic Research Team.

Our research nurses have specialised training and experience in Paediatric treatment and care and work in close collaboration with the department's excellent support staff; including the Specialist Nursing team and Play Specialists.

Key areas of interest: diabetes, neonatal care, cystic fibrosis, obesity, renal, dermatology, ITP, child development

Key Contacts

The Research Delivery Facilitator for Paediatrics is Richard Furnival; if you are interested in conducting research in this area please contact

The Senior Research Nurse who looks after this team is Paula Strider, please contact

York Paediatrics Research Team

R&D Department, Learning & Research Centre, York Hospital

Tel: 01904 726488


1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

York and Scarborough

100 research studies open to recruitment


4760 patients recruited into clinical trials