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About Us

Intensive Care, Anaesthetic and Perioperative Research

Research plays a key role in improving clinical care. By undertaking various research projects looking into different aspects of perioperative medicine and critical illness, we hope to improve the outcomes for patients undergoing surgery and staying on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the future.  We take a collaborative approach to our research involving many members of the multidisciplinary clinical care team.  This has encouraged our success as a research team and enabled us to be the strongest Trust in our field for the Yorkshire and Humber area.

Our Philosophy

  • we work as a multidisciplinary team and aim to improve the health of patients through conducing high quality research
  • we aim to give patients sufficient information about research in a clear manner to enable patients to make informed choices about their care
  • we respect patients' rights to confidentiality, privacy and dignity within their right to be looked after in a safe and caring environment
  • we strive to work within the Trust Values at all times

Our Research

Our established team of researchers run a wide range of National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), Clinical Research Network (CRN) portfolio and non-portfolio adopted studies.  We provide a wide range of hosted research study participation opportunities to our patients.  The study type (Drug Study, Observational, Interventional) will determine how long it is carried out for and what patient follow up is involved.  Some of our observational studies will involve questionnaires in clinic and some further follow up questionnaires at various time points.  Our interventional studies usually have longer time frames.  New interventions that are part of one of our research studies can last for a few hours, a number of days, months and up to a year.

We also run a number of our own Trust Sponsored studies which have been designed and developed by our Consultant Anaesthetists.  These studies vary in their size and complexity and may be single or multicentre.  Our Consultant Anaesthetists incorporate research into their day to day practice wherever possible and believe in the potential for it to improve clinical care and patient outcomes.

Please click here to be taken to NIHR Be Part of Research website the where you can search for research studies that are currently being undertaken in our Speciality at our Trust.

Our Research Team

Our York team was established in 2009 and today comprises of two trained Research Nurses and a Clinical Trials Assistant.  We also have assistance in running intensive care, anaesthetics and perioperative research studies at our York site from our colleagues in the York based Generic Research Team.  Click here to be taken to the York based Generic Research Teams webpage.  Our intensive care, anaesthetic and perioperative research is also run by our Scarborough based Generic Research Team at our Bridlington and Scarborough Hospitals.  Click here to be taken to the Scarborough based Generic Research Teams webpage.

Each member of the team are trained to national standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Many of the clinical care team are also involved in the delivery of our research studies and are trained to an appropriate standard to meet the needs of both the patients and the study requirements.

Our team is lead by a Senior Research Nurse for the Trust and our research studies are set up with the assistance of a Research Delivery Facilitator from the Research and Development team.  Our Consultant Anaesthetists are responsible for our research studies and we are fortunate enough to have oversight by the Yorkshire and Humber Research Speciality Lead for Anaesthetics and Perioperative Medicine, Dr David Yates.

Meet our York team members

Name, Job Title Email Telephone Number
Jo Ingham, Zoe Scott & Harriet Pearson, Research Nurses 01904 72 1828
Zoe Cinquina, Clinical Trials Assistant 01904 72 1828
Lisa Carr-Knott, Research Delivery Facilitator 01904 72 5122

Our York Researchers

Name, Job Title
Dr David Yates, Consultant Anaesthetist, Clinical Research Network (CRN) Regional Speciality Lead
Dr Jonathan Wilson, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Simon Davies, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Joseph Carter, Consultant Anaesthetist, Clinical Lead
Dr James Walkington, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Katie Ayyah, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Rinus Pretorius, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Henry Paw, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr John Berridge, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Jonathan Redman, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Mutharaj Kanakaraj, Consultant Anaesthetist

Useful Websites

National Institute of Health Research; Information about Research, the Clinical Research Networks, Funding and Support and much more.

1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

York and Scarborough

100 research studies open to recruitment


4760 patients recruited into clinical trials