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About Us

Microbiology and Infection Research

Our Micobiology Research makes up a key part of the Trust's Infection Speciality portfolio of research studies along with research into Sexually Transmitted Infections and Urgent Public Health (pandemics) issues.  We are one of the top three Infection Research performing Trusts in the Yorkshire and Humber Region, which is an incredible achievement considering our size.  This is due to the commitment we have from our Consultants, Nurses, Laboratory Staff and Research Team members to deliver projects to a very efficient, high standard.

In Microbiology we are interested in both Industry and non-commercial research projects and do collaborate with other Medical Specialities such as Diabetes and Anaesthetics when the opportunity arises.  Our studies are generally National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), Clinical Research Network (CRN) portfolio adopted and are varied in both their theme and delivery but do focus on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Infectious Diseases.  We particularly take part in studies that look at the following:

  • Development and treatment of acute and chronic infections such as Meningitis, Pneumonia, Sepsis and Septicaemia
  • The prevention, treatment and control of hospital acquired infections such as MRSA and Clostridium Difficile Disease
  • Laboratory studies of infections, infectious disease and new diagnostic testing

As well as the above, we are also keen participants in research relating to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).  Every year antibiotic resistant bacteria kills 25,000 people in Europe and in 2013 the Government produced the "UK Five Year Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy" in response to the increasing prevalence of resistance to antibiotics, which are highly important to not only simple common infections but some of the biggest medical advances over recent years including organ transplantation and cancer chemotherapy.

This is why here at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we are actively participating in AMR Research that is adopted on a large scale by our clinical staff to promote the current and future health of the population.  One of the fields of AMR research that we are participating in is Antimicrobial Stewardship.  This are investigates how doctors and nurses can use antibiotics more carefully, to ensure the will continue to work in the future.

We are involved in AMR research that is generated by both UK based Hospitals and Universities as well as that which is widespread across Europe and are fortunate enough to be a participating Trust in th COMBACTE initiative (Combatting Bacterial Resistance in Europe - improving clinical trials for antibiotics).

Please click here to be taken to the NIHR Be Part of Research website where you can search for research studies that are currently being undertaken in our Speciality at our Trust.

Useful Websites

NIHR Infection Speciality Research; supporting Infectious Disease and Microbiology Research Studies through providing infrastructure trainning and career development.

COMBACTE; Combating Bacterial Resistance in Europe - improving clinical trials for antibiotics.

British Infection Association; looks at the prevention, management and control of infection as well as improving the professional representation on national bodies formulating policies in the field of infection.

Healthcare Infection Society; a charity who aim to generate scientific interest in and disseminate information about the prevention and control of hospital and other healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).

Public Health England; is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department of Health that strives to improve the nation's health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities.

Meningitis Research Foundation; funds research into the prevention, detection and treatment of meningitis and septicemia.

British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy; acquires and disseminates knowledge in the field of antimicrobial chemotherapy.

Our Research Team

Many of the core Microbiology Team including Consultants and Biomedical Scientists (BMS) play a key role in delivering our research studies due to the specialist processes and tests that are required by the Microbiology research protocols.  All are trained to an appropriate standard to meet the needs of both the patient and the study requirements which is co-ordinated by our core Healthcare Science Associate Practitioner.  This, along with the overall set up of studies, is facilitated by the Research Delivery Facilitator (RDF) from the Research and Development Unit.

We have a dedicated Clinical Research Network (CRN) Generic Research Team basked within York Hospital who manage and deliver our Microbiology research studies in the clinical setting to a high standard.  Each member of the Generic Research Team has different levels of research expertise and all are trained to national standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).  Click here to be taken to the York based Generic Research Teams webpage.

Meet our Team Members

Name, Job Title Email Telephone Number
Lisa Carr-Knott, Research Delivery Facilitator 01904 72 5122

Our Researchers

Name, Job Title
Dr Neil Todd, Consultant Microbiologist
Dr Damian Mawer, Consultant Microbiologist
Dr Katrina Blackmore, Consultant Microbiologist and Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control
Dr David Hamilton, Consultant Microbiologist and Clinical Lead for Microbiology

1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

York and Scarborough

100 research studies open to recruitment


4760 patients recruited into clinical trials